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Installation Guarantee Certificate

Household versions
- The guarantee for Supertok products functionality corresponds to the relevant legal regulations (24 months) in this field.
- The producer offers 6-year guarantee for material used and production processing.

Corporate versions
- The guarantee provided corresponds to the relevant legal regulations (24 months).

Guarantee starts on the day of the purchase and the hand-over of the product. If the product shows defects, the buyer is entitled to claim his guarantee rights. In order to claim functional guarantee, please contact the responsible Sales Representative who sold the product. Sale Representatives are responsible for recommending an appropriate type of products suitable for the needs of the customer. Defects of material/workshop processing should be claimed either at the responsible Sales Representative or at the producer.

All guarantee claims shall be processed as soon as possible, however, no later than within 30 days unless agreed by both parties otherwise.

If the buyer decides to use standard mail services in order to claim his guarantee, the product mailed must be properly packed in order to prevent possible transportation damages.

Guarantee ceases to exist
- in case of non-expert installation of the product
- in case of dismantlement of the product
- in case the product is used in unsuitable conditions other than those recommended for the proper use of the product and purchased


Sales Department:
Cellular phone: +420 606 938 069
E-mail: supertok@supertok.cz
E-mail: info@supertok.cz



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