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THE SUPERTOK QUALITY is based on the principle of high liquid volume flow passing through a special force field labyrinth located between large and effective magnets combined with the use of noble-metals cases. Large proportions of Supertok products ensure the unrestricted flow of the liquid. Magnets are treated with a special color approved for use in drinking-water environment.
- Facility for water treatment using magnetic field
- Pipeline protection from limescale
- As a prevention mechanism, Supertok is recommended to be installed in new water-supply pipeline systems

Aupertok limits the limescale build-up and it can soften the already existing encrustments or dissolve the encrustments altogether.

Main principles to be followed when using Supertok:

1. Supertok does not remove water hardness; it prevents the build-up of CaCO3 sediments.
2. Positive effects can be expected:
    - for mid-hard and hard waters (carbonate Tk hardness exceeding 1,25 mmol/l (7°) balanced with the HCO3 concentration with KNK exceeding 2,5 mmol/l;
    - for waters with Ryzner Is stability index below 6,5;
    - for waters with salinity BELOW 2 mg/l (corresponding to electric conductivity below 3000 uS/cm).

3. The rate of new crystal rudiments creation is directly proportional to the electric field size. In larger magnetic fields, the number of elements grows while the size of elements decreases.

Supertok affects the physical status of drinking water, it does not change its chemical composition!


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