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What s limescale?
Limescale is a sediment build-up caused by the release of minerals from water.

What can be done?
We can resort to either chemistry of physics. The Supertok products are environment friendly they use physics. Supertok minimizes the build-up of limescale (often stopping it altogether) without using chemicals. Even very hard water gains the physical characteristics of soft water after being treated with Supertok.

Can I get rid of even old sediments?
Yes! The built-up limescale is broken down by the passing current of water and washed away in the form of microscopic minerals. After passing through the Supertok, the water is able to maintain its sediment-dissolving characteristics for 8-12 hours; this effect will disappear after approximately 24 hours unless the water flows again through Supertok within this period of time. The larger the water consumption, the larger are the effects of the Supertok magnetic facility. For technical systems, we have seen not only an increase in the flow volume but also an increase in the energetic effectiveness of heat transfer surfaces of central heating, thermo valves effectiveness etc. An increased operational durability of plumber/heating products results in savings of maintenance and replacement costs.

What about plastic materials and cooper?
Even in plastic and cooper environment there is limescale. In this situation, the chemical composition of water is important. In plastic pipes, parts of limescale may unfasten and damage siphons, jets and showers. The most critical spots are bottlenecks and places with metal junctions between plastics. At the end of pipelines, encrustation may threaten hot-water boilers, heat exchangers, gas heating boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, massage tube jets, irrigation systems - these are places where SUPERTOK can help.

Can Supertok get clogged?
It cannot get clogged by limescale. If it is installed at the base of the pipeline system (in city or municipal pipeline systems or at wells), it is good to add also filters removing gross water impurities.


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